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Grantwriting, manuals, editing


Stephanie writes grant proposals at all levels—federal, state, and city agencies, private foundations, and corporations—in a range of fields, including arts, education, social services, and health.

Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn Women’s Activism, archive at Brooklyn College: funding research; federal, state, local, and private foundation proposals.

Brooklyn Food Coalition, local activist organization: funding research and strategy; local and foundation proposals.

National Hmong American Farmers, advocacy group for small farmers in California: foundation and federal grant proposals.

The Dialogue Project, community network hosting dialogues between people of different faiths: grant proposals, annual reports, fundraising letters.

National Center for Creative Aging/Elders Share the Arts, community arts organization, Brooklyn, NY: proposals to private, federal, state, and local funders; interim and final reports

Additional clients: see resumé.

Manuals & reports

The National Center for Creative Aging / Elders Share the Arts: Legacy Works: Transforming Memory into Visual Art, A Program for Older Adults is a manual for an intergenerational program. Stephanie wrote the text and managed production and design.

National Guild for Community Arts Education is a national service organization in the field of arts education. Stephanie writes reports and covers conferences for this organization.

Partners in Excellence: A Guide to Community School of the Arts / Public School Partnerships, From Inspiration to Implementation (2005). Stephanie rewrote text and managed production.

Profiles in Excellence: Case Studies of Exemplary Arts Education Partnerships (2007). Stephanie wrote the text and managed production.

Click here to see both these reports.

Book doctoring & editing

Stephanie has long experience editing and revising nonfiction manuscripts. Clients include Viking/Penguin, Pantheon, Brandeis University Press, Houghton Mifflin, Oxford University Press, Seven Stories Press, and QVC Publishing, as well as many individual authors.

For details see resumé.